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Laboratory Equipment

Emsere distributes and sources laboratory equipment that supports your clinical trials. When you Emsere your trial, you always receive accurate, sensitive instruments that align with your protocol. Because of the established relationships we’ve built, there is virtually no lab equipment we can’t supply. Our laboratory equipment includes:



Sample separations are a critical step in preparation for analysis. It is important to consider the centrifuge requirements and technical specifications for your specific endpoints, from selecting the appropriate speed and g-force to maintaining the required temperature.


Freezers and Refrigerators

Fit-for-purpose products for any cold storage application from 15 °C to -196 °C, we provide the right solution for every stage of your clinical trial. From sample preparation to short- and long-term storage, our reliable cold storage equipment takes care of it.


Data Loggers and Thermometers

Turnkey, out-of-the-box kits for simple and easy set up and installation, to provide you with cost-effective and reliable temperature monitoring solutions for biological samples or IMP. From simple on-demand reporting to real-time alerts, our team will help you select the best solution.


Precision Scales

Precision laboratory scales are designed to offer highly accurate results within the sub-milligram range. Used for the measurement of small samples, precision balances provide an accurate, quick and simple way of obtaining reliable information.


Other Laboratory Equipment

Don’t see the equipment you are looking for? Give us a call to check our inventory! Emsere prides themselves on supplying the best laboratory equipment from top industry manufacturers like Eppendorf, PHCbi (Panasonic Biomedical), Themo Fisher Scientific, Seca and many more. From dry block heaters to orbital shakers to automated cell counters. Need it? Emsere it.

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