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Clinical Trial Solutions

Clinical trial sponsors face tough challenges daily. Medical equipment provisioning shouldn’t be one of them. Emsere provides a worry-free experience by offering end-to-end equipment and device management with advanced, global logistics throughout the clinical trial life cycle.

Our solutions include:

Equipment Management

Full-service equipment sourcing and procurement, calibration, maintenance and repair, and inventory and warehousing with the highest level of service.

Global Logistics

Focus on your research and leave the complex medical equipment logistics to us. We provide white-glove delivery and collection worldwide.

Equipment Cloud Solutions

We accommodate decentralized trials leveraging and supporting the latest medical device software, clinical technology and mobile devices.

Equipment Expertise and Support

Expert training for all devices and equipment, plus end-to-end support to facilitate a risk-based clinical trial approach.

Equipment Management

Emsere helps keep your trial running on time and on budget by providing quality equipment, maintenance and repair. We give you peace of mind you never knew existed by managing all aspects of sourcing, shipping and management for equipment and ancillary supplies.

Sourcing and Procurement

Any company can fulfill orders. Our specialists go beyond to assess your protocol and recommend the right products and services for your trial. No matter how obscure the device, we’ll get it to your sites.

Maintenance and Repair

Save time, save money and mitigate risk. Our manufacturer’s certified technicians service all our equipment to improve operational efficiency and support the delivery of high-quality patient care — no expensive separate contract required.

Configuration and Deployment

To make sure our equipment meets all functional, technical, regulatory and safety requirements, we calibrate all our equipment and recalibrate when needed. Emsere’s systems flag calibration deadlines and start the exchange process so you’ll never be without equipment within the calibration intervals.

Warehousing and Inventory Control

Emsere’s inventory includes access to over 1,000 products. Choose from a wide range of freezers, refrigerators, incubators, infusion pumps, centrifuges, temperature loggers and many more. If it’s not in our portfolio or one of our warehouses, we’ll source and deliver it for you.

For a Worry-Free Clinical Trial Equipment Experience, Emsere it

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Global Logistics

Emsere’s global logistics department handles all aspects of forecasting, delivery and collection of multisite clinical trials. We dispatch to anywhere in the world, providing white-glove service for site supply, closedown and every step in between.

White-Glove Delivery and Collection

Reduce site burden by using our specially trained delivery and collections teams. We deliver and unpack your supplies and place them exactly where they need to be — whether that’s in a hospital room, a medical office or the patient’s home. We provide the same level of detail when the trial completes.

Direct to Patient

Today’s clinical trials often depend on (DtP) or decentralized clinical trial (DTC) capabilities. Following HIPAA, GDPR and GDP practices, Emsere brings point-of-care testing, diagnostics and remote patient monitoring solutions to patients’ homes for an effortless site-less study experience. The use of customized distribution technology helps ease the investigator’s burden and improve efficiency, while maintaining compliancy and peace of mind.

Storage and Distribution

Investigational medicinal products (IMP) require proper storage at every stage of the clinical trial supply chain. We help you choose temperature control and monitoring products by offering expert advice. For example: when you need to know how many boxes to store in a 2.5 cubic-foot refrigerator based on a temperature-based product stability budget, we’re here to help.

Closedown, Reclamation and Disposal

Our services continue after your study ends. Our dedicated site reclamation team works closely with sites to retrieve equipment at study end or site closedown. We arrange all logistics, including regulatory documentation and certificates of disposal. In case of valuable or reusable materials, our team is there to help establish the most effective way to (re)package, certify, store and distribute materials for the next phase.

For a Worry-Free Clinical Trial Equipment Experience, Emsere it

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Equipment Cloud Solutions

From electronic informed consent and patient-reported outcomes to decentralized trial monitoring and electronic data capture and analysis, nearly all aspects of clinical trials use some form of digital technology. Count on Emsere to provide solutions that allow patients to participate from anywhere and allow you to compile and analyze data flawlessly.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Keep your patients safe by monitoring environmental conditions in transit, at sites and at patients’ homes. Emsere carries 21 CFR Part 11-compliant remote temperature monitoring solutions for ongoing temperature, humidity and pressure measurements. Emsere provides the tools to continually monitor that data to help you quickly respond to excursions and help prevent valuable materials to be deteriorated.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Sponsors and CROs may need patients to not just participate in their trials but complete them according to the protocol. Integrating mobile devices into your trial allows patients to easily do both. Call on Emsere for mobile device equipment and service solutions that improve the patient experience, while knowing your data is safe and secure.

To help you mitigate operational risk and allow effortless oversight of study devices, Emsere offers a mobile device management (MDM) program. Our MDM programs include mobile device and software management, as well as a remote support team for password resets, device location tracking, updates and customized use restrictions. When a device is lost or stolen, our team of support specialists can help recover the device location, while securely preventing unauthorized access to the data it contains.

Wireless Data Collection

Coming Soon

Online Customer Portal

View all your medical device and equipment information in one place. Emsere’s customer portal, ATRIUM, features on-demand reporting, site management, budget and order tracking, and multilanguage support, among other features, all with an intuitive user interface. We even provide the option to involve our team in the development of custom integrations, so you have all relevant information at your fingertips 24/7.

For a Worry-Free Clinical Trial Equipment Experience, Emsere it

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Equipment Expertise and Support

When you’re managing a project with as many moving parts as a clinical trial, you need thoroughly trained site staff so your trial maintains compliance and safety standards. Emsere offers several modalities of training and support for our clients. These include on-site investigator training, online learning modules, site support and protocol analysis.

Multi-language Documentation

Thorough equipment training is critical to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your study. To help you maintain GCP requirements and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, we provide one-page, quick-start guides and comprehensive user manuals in the local language to make sure sites can and will use equipment as planned. Customer service specialists are available to answer technical questions from you or your sites.

Online Learning Modules

Coming Soon

Site User Support

You can reach our online technical support team by email or telephone. Contact us for questions about our equipment or services before placing an order. Download our rental documents and equipment specifications.

Fit for Purpose Review

Emsere takes time to understand your study protocol and provide the tailored solutions your trial demands. For example, we may discover a different type of centrifuge will suit your trial better than what the protocol specifies, saving you from unnecessary delays and headaches.

For a Worry-Free Clinical Trial Equipment Experience, Emsere it

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